Our Services

Maruti Sewa Samiti works majorly in three different key areas, if you need any help in such sectors then…

Our Services

Consumer Awareness

We organize different campaigns and seminars about Consumer Rights in institutes, societies and organizations, at different parts of the country. If You want such a seminar then contact us

Legal Assistance

Any person who has been cheated or exploited and requires legal help to reach the court, can bring his case to us. We help the person not only to reach the court but also to resolve the matter as soon as possible

Fight For Right

Fight for Right is our monthly magazine in which we publish articles and case studies regarding consumer rights and duties. We do not take any kinds of donations or advertisements in this magazine, it is printed for sole purpose consumer upliftment

Learn more about our works

In the span of 33 years we have helped more than 1 lakh consumers and fought more than 2000 cases in the process. If you would like to hear more about these then do check the cases section …