We organize events at different institutes ,organizations and societies. Our events include seminars and campaigns related to spreading Consumer awareness and telling them about how to seek justice through consumer courts.

Our Events

Consumer Day 2018

On the occasion of Consumer Day on 24th December, 2018. We organized multiple sessions consecutively at different schools and colleges. Our team informed students about their rights and different ways of staying safe from any fraud and if cheated then how to reach court.

Warmth of Care

In these winter, we took an oath to not to let any needy person sleep in this biting cold without any warmth. We gave blankets to every one who was in need of it in the Udaipur district. We tried to spread some warmth in this phase of immense cold.

Awareness Program at Govt. College, Gogunda

Our team headed by our respected Mr. Pramod Jhanwar went to organize a workshop for students of Govt. College Gogunda. Here we informed students about their rights and different ways of staying safe from any fraud and if cheated then how to reach court. .

"Take Receipt " Program

To promote the consumers to take the receipt of buying groceries from the “Fair Price Ration Shops”, an event was organised by the Logistics Department, Government of Rajasthan. Our organization supported this event with monetary helps and also distributed steel kettles by lucky draw

Awareness on Hallmarks on jewellery.

Central Government of India made hallmark mandatory on golden jewellery from  15th January. We organized an event for students of different schools, to educate them about the guidelines by the government on this and also informed them about their rights and duties as consumers.

Our president Mr. Pramod Jhanwar addressed the house at a monthly meeting of the “Pensioner Welfare Club” of Maharana Pratap Unversity of Agriculture and Technology. He talked about consumer awareness and consumer rights and added further information as per his experience on complaints for consumer rights. 

National Conference of Consumer organizations

National Conference of Consumer Organizations was held in the beautiful city of Lucknow in 2019. The major topics of the conference were consumer safety , standards and road safety. Our president Mr. Pramod Jhanwar addressed the house on different topics there.

Consumer Safety- The need of the hour

On 19th March 2019, our organization took an awareness session at the Meera Girls College. The emphasis was put on the importance of consumer safety in this times of online shopping. The consumer rights were also emphasized and the students were creatively informed about them.

Consumer Awareness Program with TRAI

Our organization in association with the Telecom Regulation Authority of India organised a consumer awareness program at Girls College, Udaipur. The event was aimed at informing students about their rights against any cheating and fraud. Our president Mr. Pramod Jhanwar motivated students to fight the cheating of any sort. 

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