Consumer RIghts

Consumer RIghts

The Consumer Protection Act,1986 entitles a general consumer to certain fundamental rights and duties but there is a subtle co-relation between these two.

As a consumer we need to exercise our rights and always abide by them and this is one of our duties as a consumer. We should always be able to determine if any of our rights as a consumer is being threatened and this is possible only if we understand our rights well.

Under the act we have following rights,

  • Right to consumer education and to update ourselves with all the new schemes launched by the government.
  • Right to be heard in the consumer forum.
  • Right to be protected and seek redressal against traders using unfair means and unfair practices. For instance, we all hear about e-portals scamming and looting people of the heard earned money on the false pretext of giving them a job with a handsome pay. The people who availed their services became consumers and since there was a deficiency in the service the consumers had the right to approach consumer forums for redressal.
  • Right to have access to a variety of goods at fair prices.
  • Right to be safe from hazardous goods.

A consumer should be aware of what is he entitled to and how he can exercise his rights. These rights are made so that the consumer can never be exploited through the trade malpractices used bu traders and manufacturers to earn big greedy profits.

If you are in need to fight such a fight against any violation of your rights then don’t hesitate and contact us.

By- Pramod Jhanwar

Maruti Sewa Samiti

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