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With 2000+ court cases fought through our organization, we have a long history of helping the consumers to avail justice. Some of our cases are listed below if you find yourself in any similar situation feel free to contact us..

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We believe that however powerful a lie is, Truth always comes at the top. We help people fight injustice and strive every moment for justice to be served. 

Consumer Vs Construction Firms

A consumer appealed to the consumer court through us that the wealthy builders take the amount of a deal and then do not complete the registry process on time. The court stood on consumer;s side and said that consumer those who delay should be penalised.

Consumer Vs Medical Professionals

A lady sought our help on case where she was overcharged by doctor for a basic inquiry. We took the case to consumer court and court ruled in the favor of the lady and implied a penalty of Rs.5000 on the practitioner.

Consumer Vs Rajasthan Roadways

A person from Udaipur District traveled on bus Roadways bus in September 2019. He was dropped by the bus on highway although the he should have been dropped at the proper destination place. We take this case to the court and the court ruled in the favor of the man and imposed a penalty on the concerned depots.

Consumer Vs Electronics Brand

A hotel in Udaipur in association with our organzation filed a complaint against "VIDEOCON" brand for delivering a faulty refrigerator. The court accepted that, it was company's fault and got the complainant full refund.

Consumer Vs Electronics Brand

A customer of "Electrovision" store sought our help as he was given a faulty mobile phone and when he requested refund the store refused. We took the case to consumer court and eventually court ordered the store to pay the consumer the full prize of the gadget along with penalty.

Consumer Vs Food Brand

A famous biscuit company "Palre-G" cheated a consumer on net weight. The consumer bought 10 packs which were supposed to weigh 70gm each, but found out to be 21gm each. We took the case to the court and court accepted that the company was at fault. The company had to pay the refunds with Rs. 4000 as penalty.

Consumer Vs Electronics Brand

A consumer was cheated by a electronics company named "Pentel Technologies". The consumer bought a tablet which stopped working after only a month of use. We helped the consumer to take this case to court. The court accepted the appeal of complainant and gave orders to the company to pay the refund along with mental harassment compensation and legal expenses.