Consumer Responsibilities

Consumer Responsibilities

The Consumer Protection Act,1986 entitles a general consumer to certain fundamental rights and duties but there is a subtle co-relation between these two.

Ever right has a corresponding duty, a right for one person is the duty of another and as we all our consumer in one place and seller at another so we need to respect both consumer rights and duties.

Under the act, the following duties need to be taken care of by every consumer,

  • Duty of consumer to pay for the services or goods purchased or used. However, if a client decides not to pay for the services, here is what u can do.
  •  Duty of consumer to check weights, balances, prices etc. and read the labels carefully.
  • To update oneself about the various schemes of consumer protection.
  • Duty not to fall in the trap of misleading information and advertisements.
  • Not to buy goods from black markets.
  • To be an ethical consumer and procure the bills, receipts etc. for the good and services purchased. If a consumer fails to take them then he/she might find it difficult to file a complaint and prove the defect in the good.
  • Duty to gain knowledge about consumer rights and duties and to spread awareness about the same.
  • Duty to file a complaint in case there is a defect in the good or service so purchased.

A consumer who follows his duties and knows his rights has a 45% less chance of being cheated. Consumer duties also play an important role in determination of a consumer as bad or a good consumer.

We all shall aim at becoming a good consumer so that we do not have to face any type of losses due to our illiteracy and incompetance.

By- Pramod Jhanwar

Maruti Sewa Samiti.

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